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                    as  leader or co-leader 

              Title   Artists Year
Welcome to the Troposhpere
Elisabeth Harnik/Steve Swell
2022 Fundacja Sluchaj!
(FSR 17)
Over the Wall
P(aris)NY Quintet
Michel Edelin/Rob Brown/Steve Swell/Peter Giron/John Betsch
2022 RogueArt

For the People of the Open Heart
Steve Swell, Mark Tokar, Klaus Kugel
2020 Fundacja Sluchaj!
Space Cube Jazz
Matthew Shipp/Steve Swell
2020 RogueArt
For Rhina P. Espaillat
Steve Swell
Track 1 - 2015
Tracks 2-8 - 2022
Relative Pitch
Dances With Questions
Steve Swell Ensemble
Recorded Live at Alchemia, Krakow, Poland and Radio Krakow,Poland
with Carlos Zingaro, Elisabeth Coudoux, Mikolaj Trzaska, Signe Emmeluth, Gebhard Ullmann, Hanne de Backer, Niklas Brano, Per Ake Holmlander, Elisabeth Harnik, Jon Rune Strom, Paal Nilssen-Love
NotTwo Records 
(3 CDs-MW1034-2)
Dreamtme (LP)
Mats Gustafsson/Steve Swell Duo
Recorded Live in St. Johann, Austra
IdyllicNoise (LP)
(IDNO 0020)
For Jemeel
Fire From the Road
Fire Into Music
Steve Swell/Jemeel Moondoc/
William Parker/Hamid Drake
2004-2005 RogueArt
(Triple CD ROG-0126)
We're Playing in Here? (LP)
Steve Swell/Gebhard Ullmann/
Barry Altschul/Hilliard Greene
NoBusiness (LP & DL)
(NBLP 149)
Sometimes The Air Is
Steve Swell/Joe McPhee/Chris Corsano
Mahakala Music
Kurt Schwitters Would Have Been Pleased (LP)
Special Ops
Steve Swell/Jon Rune Strom/Michael Vatcher
2012 IdyllicNoise (LP)
(IDNO 0018)
For New Zealand
The Chicago Plan
Steve Swell/Gebhard Ullmann/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Michael Zerang
NotTwo Records 
Systems For Total Immersion: Hommage Luciano Berio
Steve Swell with Marty Ehrlich, Sam Newsome, Ellen Christi, Jim Pugliese and Gerald Cleaver
2021 Silkheart (SHCD 164) 2021

The WKCR Session
Andrea Centazzo/Steve Swell/Anthony Coleman
Live from WKCR
Bandcamp page:
Ictus Records
Tonotopic Organizations
Elisabeth Harnik/Steve Swell Duo
Live recording from Vienna, Austria
Bandcamp page:

Fundacja Słuchaj
Quartets, Trios, Duos
Borah Bergman, Perry Robinson, Ray Sage, Steve Swell Bandcamp page:

2007 Mahakala Music
MAHA-006 (2020)
Astonishments Steve Swell's Soul Travelers featuring Leena Conquest with Jemeel Moondoc, Dave Burrell, William Parker and Gerald Cleaver
2018 RogueArt 2020
ROG-0091 (
The Center Will Hold
Andrew Cyrille
Steve Swell, Jason Hwang, Ariel Bart, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Robert Boston and Andrew Cyrille
NotTwo Records
MW1006-2 (2020)
The Bearable Lightness of Being
Steve Swell, Will Connell, Reggie Nicholson
2014 CIMP Records
CIMP #441 (2020)
Brain in a Dish
Steve Swell, Robert Boston, Michael Vatcher
(NBCD 121) 2019
So Perhaps
Paul Dunmall, Steve Swell, James Owston, Mark Sanders
2019 FMR (CD545-0719)
Music for Six Musicians: Hommage Olivier Messiaen
Steve Swell with Rob Brown, Jason Hwang, Tomas Ulrich, Robert Boston & Jim Pugliese
2017 Silkheart (SHCD 161) 2018
Masters of Improvisation
Kidd Jordan, Alvin Fielder, Joel Futterman, Steve Swell
(recorded live in New Orleans at The Old U.S. Mint)
2017 Valid Records (VR-1016) 2018
Bop Stop
Live in Cleveland
Frode Gjerstad, Steve Swell, Jon Rune Strom, Paal Nilssen-Love
2017 Clean Feed (CF470CD) 2018
Throes are the Only Trouble
Michael Foster/Steve Swell/Brandon Lopez/Weasel Walter
2017 self produced
Live in Tel Aviv
Peter Brotzmann/Steve Swell/Paal Nilssen-Love 2016 NotTwo Records
MW956-2 (2017)
The Chicago Plan
Ullmann/Swell 4tet with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Michael Zerang
2016 Clean Feed (CF396CD) 2017
Live in Copenhagen
Peter Brotzmann/Steve Swell/Paal Nilssen-Love
NotTwo Records
(MW949-2) 2016
Dragonfly Breath III
Live at The Stone:
Megaloprepus Caerulatus
Steve Swell/Paul Flaherty/C. Spencer Yeh/Weasel Walter
NotTwo Records
(MW944-2) 2016
Soul Travelers
Steve Swell Quintet w/Jemeel Moondoc/Dave Burrell/William Parker/Gerald Cleaver
Rogue Art (ROG-0067) LP
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Improviser
Steve Swell
Solo Trombone Improvisations
Swell Records
(SDS 001) 2015
Krakow Nights
Peter Brotzmann/Steve Swell/Paal Nilssen-Love
2015 NotTwo Records
(MW937-2) 2015
Kende Dreams
Hommage Bartok
Steve Swell with Rob Brown, Connie Crothers, William Parker, Chad Taylor
2014 Silkheart (SHCD 160) 2015
Kanreki: Reflection & Renewal
Steve Swell 60th Birthday Double CD Compilation of Previously Unreleased Material, with Ken Vandermark, Michael Vatcher, Paul Flaherty, Darius Jones, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ned Rothenberg, Weasel Walter, Guillermo Gregorio and many more
NotTwo Records
(MW929-2) 2015
Schemata and Heuristics for Four Clarinets #1

Ned Rothenberg, Guillermo Gregorio, Miguel Malla, Zara Acosta-Chen (clarinets)
Steve Swell, composer
(8 minute piece available for modest price or you can listen for free)
Relay Records (004) 2014
New Composers Series
Factorizations Steve Swell/Leap of Faith (Glynis Loman, Dave Peck, Steve Nelson, Yuri Zbitnov)
2015 Evil Clown 9075 (2015)
Inner Ear:            
Return from the Center of the Earth
Mikolaj Trzaska, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Per-Ake Holmlander
Bocian Records
BR-M1 (2013)
Dragonfly Breath

Paul Flaherty, Steve Swell, C Spenser Yeh, Weasel Walter
Live at Issue Project Room
     NotTwo Records       
(MW 890-2) 2013
Latecomers Andrea Centazzo/Giancarlo Schiaffini/Steve Swell/Anthony Coleman
2012 Ictus Records 168 (2013)
Estuaries Andrew Raffo Dewar/Garrison Fewell/Steve Swell
2011 dEN Records 014 (2013)
Window and Doorway
Pandelis Karayorgis/Guillermo Gregorio/Steve Swell
2011 Driff Records CD1301 (2013)
Unto the Sun
New Atlantis Octet: Ed Ricart, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Aaron Martin, Jason Ajemian, Vattel Cherry, Andrew Barker, Sam Lohman
2010       NotTwo Records         
MW 873-2 (2013)
Feynman's Diagrams
Steve Swell/Kirk Knuffke Duo
2011 Nacht Records (2013)
Steve Swell's Nation of We: The Business of Here
Steve Swell's Nation of We:  Sabir Mateen, Darius Jones, Will Connell, Ras Moshe, Guiseppe Logan, Jason Hwang, Rosi Hertlein, Danile Levin, Jackson Krall, Todd Nicholson, Alby Balgochia, Flip Barnes, Matt LaVelle, Chris Demiglio, Dave Taylor, Peter Zummo, Aaron Johnson, Chris Forbes
2008 Cadence Jazz Records CJR-1238 (2012)
Platform 1:   Takes Off
Ken Vandermark, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Joe Williamson, Michael Vatcher
2011 Clean Feed CF-255 (2012)
International Trio:  Donkere Golven   Joachim Badenhorst, Steve Swell, Ziv Ravitz 2010 W.E.R.F.095
Inner Ear:  Breathing Steam                 
Mikolaj Trzaska, Steve Swell, Per Ake Holmlander, Tim Daisy 2010 Kilogram Records (1kg-021)
Slammin' The Infinite: 5,000 Poems Steve Swell's Slammin' The Infinite w/Sabir Mateen, Matt Heyner, Klaus Kugel, John Blum 2009 NotTwo Records(MW-827-2)
News? No News! Ullmann/Swell 4 w/Barry Altschul, Hill Greene 2010 Jazzwerskstatt (JW 068) (2010)
Live in Montreal Ullmann/Swell 4 w/Barry Altschul, Hill Greene 2008
          CIMPoL 5013           
Steve Swell presents Planet Dream Steve Swell/Rob Brown/Daniel Levin 2008 Clean Feed CF-148 (2009)
Magical Listening Hour Live @ The South St. Seaport Steve Swell/Nate Wooley/Michael Attias/Louie Belogenis 2007 Cadence Jazz Records
Rivers of Sound Ensemble Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Sabir Mateen, Hilliard "Hill" Greene, Klaus Kugel 2007 NotTwo Records (MW 797-2)
Swimming in a Galaxy of Goodwill and Sorrow Steve Swell's Fire Into Music w/Jemeel Moondoc, William Parker, Hamid Drake 2006 RogueArt 09 (2006)
Slammin' The Infinite Live @ The Vision Festival Steve Swell's Slammin' The Infinite w/Sabir Mateen, Matt Heyner, Klaus Kugel, featuring John Blum on piano 2006 NotTwo Records (6/06)
Live at the Bowery Poetry Club Steve Swell's Nation Of We w/RCampbell, RBrown, DGriffin, DTaylor, WConnell, SMateen, FBarnes, PZummo, RMoshe, SYasuma, JKrall, CForbes, MLaVelle, MHeyner, TNicholson 2006            Ayler Records               
ayIDL-005 (1/15/06)
Double Diploid Steve Swell/Dave Taylor Quartet w/Warren Smith, Chad Taylor 2006 CIMP 325 (2006)
Slammin' The Infinite: Remember Now Sabir Mateen, Matt Heyner, Klaus Kugel, Steve Swell 2005 NotTwo Records (2005)
Fire Into Music Live LP (limited edition) Jemeel Moondoc, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Steve Swell 2004 Ballroom Marfa (2004)
Steve Swell: Slammin' the Infinite Sabir Mateen, Matt Heyner, Klaus Kugel, Steve Swell 2003 Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1174 (2003)
Not Just....Steve Swell/Dave Taylor Quintet Billy Bang, Tomas Ulrich, Ken Filiano 2005 CIMP 321 (2005)
Desert Songs and other Landscapes Gebhard Ullman/Steve Swell 4tet, Hill Greene, Barry Altschul 2004 CIMP 315 (2004)
______ Is An Apparition Blue Collar/Nate Wooley, Tatsuya Nakatani, Steve Swell 2003 Rossbin  RS016
Lovely Hazel Blue Collar/Nate Wooley, Tatsuya Nakatani, Steve Swell 2003 Public Eysore PECD081
Invisible Cities Steve Swell/Perry Robinson Duo 2002                     Drimala                        
DR 03-347-04
Suite for Players, Listeners and Other Dreamers (#2 in the 2004 Cadence Readers Poll) Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Charles Burnham, Will Connell, Kevin Norton, Francois Grillot 2003 CIMP 292
New York BrassWood Trio (aka Poets Of The Now) Steve Swell, Tom Abbs, Geoff Mann 2003 CIMP 285
Unified Theory Of Sound/This Now Steve Swell, Jemeel Moondoc, Cooper-Moore, Wilber Morris, Kevin Norton, Matt LaVelle 2001 Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1159
Poets Of The Now Steve Swell/Ursel Schlicht, Tom Abbs, Geoff Mann 2002 CIMP 272
Real Time Messengers The Transcendentalists/Steve Swell, Daniel Carter, Tom Abbs, Dave Brandt 2002 CIMP 264
The Implicate Order/at Seixal Steve Swell, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi + Rodrigo Amado, Paulo Curado 2001 Clean Feed CF001
Steve Swell presents Particle Data Group Steve Swell, Gregg Bendian, Bruce Eisenbeil 2000 Cadence Jazz Records  
Flurries Warm and Clear Steve Swell Trio w/Ned Rothenberg, Tomas Ulrich 1999 CIMP 203
Atmospheels Steve Swell Trio w/Will Connell, Lou Grassi 1998 CIMP 184
Moons of Jupiter Steve Swell Quartet w/Mark Whitecage, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen 1997 CIMP 149
Out and About Steve Swell Quartet featuring Roswell Rudd w/Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi 1996 CIMP 116
Observations Steve Swell & Chris Kelsey Duo 1996 CIMP 108


                         as sideman

                  Title   Artists Year
Universal Tonality
William Parker
with Dave Burrell/Grachan Moncur III/Roger Blank/Steve Swell/Jason Hwang/Billy Bang/Miya Masoka/Leena Conquest/Jerome Cooper/Daniel Carter/Matt LaVelle/Gerald Cleaver/Jin Hi Kim/Cale Brandley
2002 Centering Music
(Cent 1030)
Muhal Richard Abrams
Muhal Richard Abrams
Bobby Zankel's Warriors of the Wonderful Sound
Marty Ehrlich  conductor/alto saxophone | Bobby Zankel  | Julian Pressley   | Robert DeBellis  | Hafez Modirzadeh   | Mark Allen  | Dave Ballou   | Dwayne Eubanks  | Graham Haynes   | Josh Evans   | Steve Swell   | Michael Dessen   | Alfred Patterson   | Jose Davilla  | Michael Formanek   | Tom Lawton  | Chad Taylor 
Clean Feed (CF556CD)
Mars Williams Presents
An Ayler Xmas/Vol. 4
Mars Williams with his Chicago band and NY band
Astral Spirits
AS 154 (2019)
Tales From
Frode Gjerstad Group
Fred Lonberg-Holm, William Parker, Steve Swell
2020 Findacja Sluchaj!
FSR 18/2020
NotTwo...but twenty
5 CD Box Set of NotTwo's Twentieth Year Celebration in Wlen, Poland
with, Maya Homburger, Joelle Leandre, Peter Brotzmann, Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Mats Gustafsson, Per-Ake Holmlander, Zlatko Kaucic, Rafal Mazur, Paal Nilssen-Love, Steve Swell, Mikolaj Trzaska, Steve Swell, Ken Vandermark
2020 NotTwo MW1000-2 (2018)
More Music for a Free World
Dave Sewelson with Steve Swell, William Parker, Marvin 'Bugalu' Smith
2020 Mahakala Music
MAHA20-002 (2019)
David Haney
Birth of a City
For String Quartet and
Improvising Quartet
David Haney, composer with
Bernard Purdie, Adam Lane, Julian Priester, Steve Swell, Jason Kao Hwang, Melanie Dyer, Tomas Ulrich, Dave Storrs
2018 Big Round Records
BR8956 (2019)
Gebhard Ullmann's Basement Research:
Impromptus and Other Short Works
Gebhard Ullmann, Julian Arguielles, Steve Swell, Pascal Niggenkemper, Gerald Cleaver
2018 Why Play Jazz
WPJ045  (2019)
Whit Dickey
Tao Quartets
2 CDs
Whit Dickey/Rob Brown/Steve Swell/Michael Bisio: Box of Light (CD2)
AUM Fidelity
AUM-108/109 (2019)

Rob Brown Quartet
From Here to Hear
Rob Brown, Steve Swell, Chris Lightcap, Chad Taylor
2018 RogueArt
ROG-0090 (2019)
Allen Lowe
An Avant Garde of Our Own
8 CD Box Set
Allen Lowe with many many musicians from 1980-2018 including: David Murray, Roswell Rudd, Hamiett Bluett, Julius Hemphill, John Rapson, Steve Swell
ESP -DISK 5034 (2019)
Jan Klare's 2000:
Jan Klare, Bart Maris, Steve Swell, Elisabeth Coudoux, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher
2018 Umland 19 (2019)
William Parker
Flower in a Stained Glass Window
The Blinking of The Ear
2 CD Box Set of William's two major compositions, one live and one a studio session featuring Leena Conquest on CD 1 and Annemarie Sandy on CD 2
Abraham Mennen, Isaiah Parker, Steve Swell, Dave Sewlson, Daniel Carter, Eri Yamamoto, Nick Lyons, Leonid Galaganov, Kesvian Naido
2018 Cent 1018/1019 (2018)
Dave Sewelson's Music for a Free World
Dave Sewelson, Steve Swell, William Parker, Marvin Bugalu Smith
2018 FMR Records FMRCD490-0618 (2018)
Jason Kao Hwang's
Burning Bridge:
Jason Kao Hwang, Taylor Ho Bynum, Steve Swell, Joe Daley, Sun Li, Wang Guowei, Ken Filiano, Andrew Drury
2018 True Sound Recordings TS01 (2018)
William Parker
Voices Fall From The Sky
3 CD Box Set of William's music and lyrics featuring many of his favorite vocalists, too many to mention, includes Ernie Odoom, Lisa Sokolov, Fay Victon, Andrea Wolper, and many more and  musicians including Jason Hwang, Cooper-Moore, Steve Swell, etc
2017 AUM/Centering Music (2018)
Rempis/Daisy Duo & Guests
Tim Daisy/Dave Rempis & Jim Baker, Jason Adasiewicz, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Steve Swell, Katie Young, Aaron Zarzutzki
2017 Aerophonic Records 017 (2018)
Tim Daisy's Fulcrum Ensemble
Tim Daisy, Dave Rempis, Fred Lonberg-Holm, James Falzone, Josh Berman, Steve Swell
2017 Relay Records (RR021) 2018
Helix Michael Moss/Accidental Orchestra
w/Rosi Hertlein, Waldron Hicks, Jason Kao Hwang, Elliott Levin, Steve Swell, Badal Roy, Mike Wimberly, and more!
2017 $4th Stream Records (10013) 2018
Bobby Zankel
The Wonderful Sound 6
Celebrating William Parker @ 65
Bobby Zankel, Diane Monroe, Steve Swell, Dave Burrell, William Parker, Muhammad Ali
2017 NotTwo (MW962-2) 2017
Stuart Popejoy composition with
Sarah Bernstein, Steve Swell, Avram Fefer Kenny Wollenson
2012 Leo Records Leo 783 (2017)
Jason Kao Hwang's
Sing House
Jason Kao Hwang, Steve Swell, Chris Forbes, Ken Filiano, Andrew Drury
2015 Eunonymus Records EU03 (2017)
Taylor Ho Bynum:
Enter the Plustet
Taylor Ho Bynum/Vincent Chancey/Mary Halvorsen/Jay Hoggard/Jason Hwang/Tomeka Reid/Bill Lowe and others!!
2016 Firehouse 12 Records
Tim Daisy's Celebration Sextet:
Halfway There Suite
Tim Daisy/Dave Rempis/Fred Lonberg-Holm/James Falzone/Russ Johnson/Steve Swell
2016 Relay Records 016 (2016)
Yoni Kretzmer Five
Yoni Kretzmer, Thomas Heberer, Steve Swell, Max Johnson, Chad Taylor
2015 OutNow Recordings
(ONR 026) 2016
Igneity=After The Fall of Civilization
Weasel Walter Large Ensemble featuring Henry Kaiser with Peter Evans, Alan Licht, Steve Swell, Dan Peck, Tim Dahl, Chris Pistokios, Michael Foster and many more!
2015 C & P 2016 Weasel Walter 2016
No Time Left!
The Brooklyn Express: Tiziano Tononi, Danielle Cavallanti, Herb Robertson, Steve Swell, Joe Fonda
2015 Long Song Records
(LSRCD 139/2016) 2016
At Constellation
Frode Gjerstad Trio with Steve Swell and Paal Nilssen-Love, Jon Rune Strom
2014 Circulasione (016) 2014
Turning Point
Dave Burrell with Steve Swell
2013 NoBusiness Records (NBCD 70) 2014
Hat and Shoes
Gebhard Ullmann and Basement Research with Steve Swell, Julian Arguelles, Pascal Nigenkemper, Gerald Cleaver
2013 Betweem the Lines (BTLCHR71238) 2015
Sediment Carlo Costa Quartet w/Steve Swell, Jonathan Moritz, Seal Ali
2013 Neither/Nor Records (n/n 001) 2014
The Zookeeper's House
Jemeel Moondoc w/Roy Camplbell, Steve Swell, Matt Shipp, Hill Greene, Newman Taylor Baker
Relative Pitch Records (RPR 1026) 2014
Evolving Strategies: Variable Density Sound Orchestra
Garrison Fewell, John Tchicai, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Reggie Nicholson, Dimitry Ivshenko
NotTwo (MW911-2) 2014
Matter Anti-Matter
Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra featuring Roscoe Mitchell with Nicole Mitchell, Matana Roberts, Matt Bauder, Steve Swell, Jason Adasiewicz, Kevin Drumm, Mat Lux, Mauricio Takara, Guillerme Granado, John Herndon, Mike Reed, Chad Taylor, Damon Locks
2009 RogueArt 073 (2013)
Essence of Ellington -
Live in Milano
William Parker Orchestra featuring Kidd Jordan with Hamid Drake, Dave Burrell, Ernie Odoom, Roy Campbell, Matt LaVelle, Steve Swell, Willie Applewhite, Rob Brown, Darius Jones, Sabir Mateen, Ras Moshe, Dave Sewelson
Centering Records
Centering 1008/1009
2 CDs
All The Notes (DVD) Cecil Taylor and Orchestra Humane 2005 Chris Felver Films
Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble : Double Arc
Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Mikolaj Trzaska, Christof Kurtzmann, Per-Ake Holmlander, Vaclav Zimpel, Mark Tokar 2013 NotTwo (MW 936-2) (2015)
Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble: Head Above Water
Double CD: Live recording Hasselt, Belgium; studio recording Chicago
Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Mikolaj Trzaska, Devon Hoff, Per-Ake Holmlander, Vaclav Zimpel, Mark Tokar
NotTwo (MW 910-2)
(2013) Double CD
Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble : What Country is This?
Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Mikolaj Trzaska, Devon Hoff, Per-Ake Holmlander, Vaclav Zimpel
2011 NotTwo (MW 885-2)       (2012)
Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble : Kafka In Flight Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Mikolaj Trzaska, Mark Tokar, Vaclav Zimpel, Per-Ake Holmlander 2009 NotTwo (MW 860-2)     (2010)
Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble 10 CD Box Set Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Tim Daisy, Mikolaj Trzaska, Per-Ake Holmlander 2007 NotTwo (MW 830-2)      (2008)
Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble Live in the Ukraine Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Mark Tokar, Per-Ake Holmlander, Mikolaj Trzaska, Uri Yermunchov
2007 NotTwo LP-800-1         (2008)
Jason Hwang's Burning Bridge
Jason Hwang, Sun Li, Wang Guoewi, Joe Daley, Taylora Ho Bynum, Steve Swell, Ken Filiano, Andrew Drury
Innova 840 (2012)
Bill Dixon                                        17 Musicians in Search of a Sound:  Darfur Live @ The Vision Festival 2007 w/Dick Griffin, Joe Daley, Steve Swell, Warren Smith, Jackson Krall, JD Parran and many many more 2007 AUM Fidelity (AUM 046)
Gunter Hampel: Holy Lights/Human Rights
Gunter Hampel, Cavan Lee Hampel, Steve Swell
2013 Birth Records 131222  (2013)
Gunter Hampel: The Essence in the Nowness of Reality Gunter Hampel, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Steve Swell, Johannes Schleierbacher, Andreas Lang, Bernd Oezsevim 2009 Birth Records 090930  (2010)
Gunter Hampel: Gentle Joy - Live at The Apex 7/28/2011
Gunter Hampel, Steve Swell, Johannes Schleierbacher, Andreas Lang, Bernd Oezsevim, Cavana Lee Hampel
Birth Records 110728
(2011) Double CD, DVDs available too!
Ed Ricart's New Atlantis: Hyrrokkin
Ed Ricart, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell
Sickroom Records SRR 074
(LP released 2013)
Max Johnson:  Quartet
Max Johnson, Mark Whitecage, Steve Swell, Tyshawn Sorey
2011 NotTwo (MW-889-2)    (2012)
Radiant Pools Rob Brown w/Joe Morris, Steve Swell, Luther Gray 2004 RogueArt 003
Dom Minasi's The Vampire's Revenge w/Joe McPhee, Steve Swell, Sabir Mateen, Jackson Krall, Borah Bergman, Matt Shipp and many more 2005 CDM 1006   (2 CDs)
Jumala Quintet-Turtle Crossing Paul Flaherty w/Joe McPhee, Steve Swell, John Voigt, Laurence Cook 2000 Clean Feed                CF038CD
Titration Chad Taylor's Active Ingredients w/Jemeel Moondoc, Tom Abbs 2002 Delmark  DG-547          (2003)
Roswell Rudd's Trombone Tribe Roswell Rudd, Henry Grimes, Wycliffe Gordon, Eddie Bert, Barry Altschul, etc 2008 Sunnyside/Soundscape       SSC 1207 (2009)
Broad Strokes Roswell Rudd 2000 Knitting Factory Works    KFW-276
The New York Path to Peace:      Give Peace Some Chants
Charlie Keil's 12/8 Path Band w/Roswell Rudd, Steve Swell, Dan Peck, Matt Moran, Bob Hovey, Sam Kulik
2008 12/8 PR                            (2009)
Don't Touch My Music (Volume 1) LIve in Krakow Gebhard Ullmann & Basement Research     GCleaver, JHebert, SSwell, J Arguilles 2007 NotTwo 803-2                (2009)
Don't Touch My Music (Volume 2) Live in Krakow Gebhard Ullmann & Basement Research     GCleaver, JHebert, SSwell, J Arguilles 2007 NotTwo 804-2               (2009)
New Basement Research Gebhard Ullmann w/John Hebert, Gerald Cleaver, Jullian Arguelles 2005 Soul Note 121491-2
Sound Gathering            featuring Steve Swell Sabir Mateen/Frode Gjerstad 2009 NotTwo 820-2                 (2010)
Prophesies Come To Pass Sabir Mateen's Shape, Texture, Sound Ensemble w/Matt LaVelle, Matt Heyner, Mike Thompson, Steve Swell 2005 577 Records
Sound Particle 47 Garrison Fewell's Variable Density Orchestra 2008 Creative Nation Music CNM-16 (2010)
For Percy Heath William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra w/Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Sabir Mateen and many others 2005 Victo CD 102
Spontaneous William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra w/Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Andrew Barker and many others 2002 Splasc(H) CDH 855.2
Raincoat In The River William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra w/Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Andrew Barker and many others 2001 Eremite 036
Mayor Of Punkville William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra w/Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Chris Jonas, Andrew Barker and many others 1999 AUM0015/16 2 CDs
Sunrise In The Tone World William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra w/Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Cooper-Moore and many others 1995 AUM002/3   2 CDs
Flowers Grow In My Room William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra w/Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Cooper-Moore and many others 1994 Centering Records CD1002
Trillium R Opera Anthony Braxton 1997 Braxton House (4 CD set)
Live at the Vision Festival 2001 Jemeel Moondoc w/The Jus Grew Orchestra (Tyone Hill, Roy Campbell, Gerald Cleaver, Michael Marcus, Berne Nix) 2001 Ayler Records aylCD-047
Spirit House Jemeel Moondoc w/The Jus Grew Orchestra Live at Amherst 2000 Eremite MITE 029
Celestial Communicatons Orchestra Alan Silva (4 CD set) Live in Poschiavo, Switzerland w/Kidd Jordan, Joseph Bowie, Wilber Morris, Daniel Carter, many others 2001 Eremite MTE 039, 040, 041, 042
Vision Festival Orchestra Alan Silva  w/Raphe Malik, Bill Lowe, JD Parran, Will Connell, Stephen Haynes, and many others 1999 Eremite MTE 026
Irving Stone/Memorial Concert Track 4 w/Herb Robertson, Joey Baron & Andy Laster, many others appear for this memorial of a well-loved friend and fan of our music (William Parker, Erik Friedlander, Charles Gayle, etc) 2003 Tzadik 7611-2 (2 CDs)
Mandarin Movie Rob Mazurek w/Alan Licht, Max Lux, Jason Ajemian, Frank Rosaly& Steve Swell 2004 Aesthetics AST41CD
High Water El-P w/Matt Shipp, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, Guillermo E. Brown & Steve Swell 2003 Thirsy Ear Recordings        THI 57143.2
Concret Science Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi & Steve Swell 2003 577 Records 577-5
This Is Where You Wanna Be
The Brawner Brothers (Kenny &Everett Brawner) with Patience Higgins, Charles Davis, James Zoller, Wayne Escofferey, Olu Dara, Steve Swell et al
2006 Rawsugar Music (2007)
Seth Meicht and the Big Sound Ensemble: Live in Philadelphia
Seth Meicht, Darius Jones, Herb Robertson, Steve Swell, Aaron Meicht, Adam Lane, Charles Evans, Mike Pride
2008 CIMPoL 5025 (2013)
We Are Not Obstinate Islands The Diplomats: Harris Eisenstadt, Rob Brown & Steve Swell 2004 Clean Feed                       CF061 CD
Mysterium for Quintet Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Gil Selinger, Terrence Murren, Eric Eigner 2004 Eavesdrop Records 002
A Cost Effective Orchestra for The American Way of Life Jeffrey Shurdut, Daniel Carter, Sabir Maateen, Will Connel & Steve Swell 2004 No Labels
Implicate Order/Sound Quest Ursel Schlicht, Steve Swell, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi, Martin Speicher 2001 Cadence Jazz Records        CJR 1140
Dark Forces
Alon Nechushtan with Elliott Sharp, Robert Dick, Ned Rothenberg, Henry Kaiser, Nate Wooley, Mark Dresser, and more
Creative Sources Recordings
CS 195
Phat Hed Tom Walsh with guest Steve Swell live at the Montreal Jazz Festival, July, 2003 2003 Ombu 1004
The Drum Is Honor Enough Patrick Brennan w/Newman Taylor Baker, Hill Greene, Steve Swell 2004 CIMP 305
Renewal Chris Kelsey w/Steve Swell, Francois, Grillot, Jay Rosen 2004 CIMP 309
American Songbook Dominic Duval String & Brass Ensemble w/JoeMcPhee, Steve Swell, Tom Varner, Jason Hwang, Tomas Ulrich 2002 CIMP 261
Recollections of Darby Hicks Bob Washington w/Steve Swell, Dominic Duval 2002 CIMP 268
Embracing The Void Assif Tsahar and The Zoanthropic Orchestra w/Steve Swell, Craig Taborn, Curtis Hasselbring and many others 2001 Hopscotch 9
Vision The Transcendentalists, Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Tom Abbs, Dave Brandt 2001 JA001
Conduction 117 Butch Morris conducts The Jump Arts Orchestra 2001 JA002
Comin' At You Jump Arts American Road Project 2002 JA003
Spectropia Suite Elliot Sharp w/Special Guest: Debbie Harry 2010 NEOS 40905
Radiolaria Elliot Sharp and Orchestra Carbon 2002 zOaR 022
Elliot Sharp's State Of The Union Project Particle Data Group, Steve Swell, Gregg Bendian, Bruce Eisenbeil and other bands 2000 EMF CD 028
Here At Michael Marcus w/Ted Daniel, Fred Hopkins, Denis Charles, William Parker 1993 Soul Note 121243-2
Phantasies Jaki Byard and the Apollo Stompers 1984 Soul Note 1075
Phantasies II Jaki Byard and the Apollo Stompers 1988 Soul Note 121175-2
Topaz Under Moon Jeff Raheb Contemporary Jazz Orchestra featuring Dave Liebman 2000 TPZ 0001
Music for Long Attention Spans Herb Robertson and The Double Infinitves (Steve Swell, Bob Hovey, Tom Sayak) 2000 Leo CD LR 315
The Mystery Of Compassion Tom Varner w/Ed Jackson, Rich Rothenberg, Mike Richmond, Tom Rainey, Dave Taylor 1992 Soul Note 121217-2
Long Night Big Day Tom Varner w/Ed Jackson, Rich Rothenberg, Lindsey Horner, Phil Haynes, Tom Chapin, Frank London 1990 NewWorld/CounterCurrents 80410-2
Obbligato Mary LaRose/Jeff Lederer w/Steve Swell & Dominic Duval 2001 CIMP 256
Walking Woman Mary LaRose/Jeff Lederer w/Jamie Saft, Cameron Brown, Matt Wilson 1998 GM
Cutting The Chord Mary LaRose/Jeff Lederer w/Michael Formanek, Mark Feldman, Jamie Hadad 1995 Ledhead Productions LD-101
Flood at the Ant Farm Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble w/Bob DeBellis, Joe Ruddick, Dave Hofstra, Kevin Norton 1995 Black Saint 120182-2
The Unknown Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble w/Bob DeBellis, Joe Ruddick, Dave Hofstra, Kevin Norton 1993 Avant 037
Live at the Knitting Factory Lou Grassi w/Marshall Allen, Perry Robinson, Paul Smoker, Wilber Morris, Steve Swell 2000 Porter Records PRCD 4051 (2010)
Joy Of Being Lou Grassi w/Joseph Jarmen, Perry Robinson, Paul Smoker, Wilber Morris 2000 CIMP 227
PoZest Lou Grassi w/Marshall Allen, Perry Robinson, Paul Smoker, Wilber Morris 1999 CIMP 207
PoGressions Lou Grassi w/Perry Robinson, Herb Robertson, Burton Greene, Wilber Morris 1995 Cadence Jazz Records        CJR 1062
Mo'Po Lou Grassi's PoGressions #2 w/Perry Robinson, Herb Robertson, Wilber Morris 1997 CIMP 156
Finland Chris Cauley w/Steve Swell, William Parker & Greg Bendian 1996 Eremite 06
Rabble Tom Schmidt w/Randy McKean, Fima Ephron, Marvin Sewell 1995 Koch 3-7819-2
Nature Of The Beast Michael Formanek w/Dave Douglas, Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, Chris Speed, Jim Black 1996 Enja Records                     ENJ-9308 2
Caos Totale/Pace Yourself Tim Berne w/Herb Robertson, Mark Dresser, Marc Ducret, Bob Previte 1990 JMT 834-442-2
Nice View Tim Berne's Caos Totale w/ Herb Robertson, Mark Dresser, Marc Ducret, Bob Previte, Django Bates 1993 JMT 514-013-2
Cobra Live At The Knitting Factory John Zorn 1992 Kniting Factory Works          KFW124
Tounge In Groove Joey Baron's Barondown w/Ellery Eskellin/Steve Swell
1991 JMT 849-158-2
Raised Pleasure Dot Joey Baron's Barondown w/Ellery Eskellin/Steve Swell
1993 New World/CounterCurrents 80449-2
Crackshot Joey Baron's Barondown w/Ellery Eskellin/Steve Swell
1995 Avant 059
New York Funk-Volume 1 Jim Payne w/Mark Helias 1992 Gramavision R2-79489
Not For Rollo Walter Thompson 1989 Ottova 070487
The Colonel Walter Thompson 1995 Nine Winds          
Bottoms Out Joe Fonda/Scott Miller 1993 Cadence Jazz Records        CJR 1085
New Blue Yodel Mark Brine with Perry Robinson 1995 RSCD2
Blues For Allah Project Joe Gallant & Illuminati 1996 Knitting Factory Works       KFW 188
History & Movement Didrik Ingvaldsen w/Andy Shepard, Bob Hovey, Paal Nilssen-Love, et al 1999 Da Da 4 CD
Symphony Of The Universe Wendy Chambers 1989 Newport Classic                NPD 85552
Mass For Mass Trombones Wendy Chambers 1994 Centaur CRC 2263
Legacy Michael Callan 1994 Significant Other Records 50951
Paul Britten Life and Death (Part 1) w/Rachel Z, Tony Levin 2005 PB Records
System Band System Band 1990 Geronimo Records               GR 0054
The Sweeper George Gritzbach 1978 Kicking Mule Records 304
Knudstock Herb Robertson w/(alot of guys from New Jersey) 2000 Cadence Jazz Records        CJR 1117
Mob Mobiel Sean Bergin w/Franky Douglas, Eric Boeren, Ab Baars, Walter Weirbos, Steve Swell, Han Bennik, Tristan Honsinger and many more 2002 Data Records DATA: 032
Ori Kaplan Trio featuring Steve Swell Ori Kaplan w/Tom Abbs, Geoff Mann 2000 CIMP 223
Lucille's Gemini Dream Avram Fefer w/Wilber Morris, Igal Foni 2001 CIMP 237
The Sound of a Dream Adam Rudolph & Go: Organic Orchestra 2010 Meta Records(Meta-014)