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                                                                                                                                                                                                                          photo by John Rogers


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Chamber Music America Feature-Steve Swell Spring 2022

Dr. Jazz Talks #117: Steve Swell Interview by Samo Salamon, March 16, 2022

Jazz Trail Interview by Filipe Freitas - January 15, 2021

Archived Radio Show: Dave Sewelson's Music for a Free World show - March 23, 2019

Point of Departure Interview by Troy Collins published September 2018:

All About Jazz Interview: Appreciating the Avant-Garde Today July 2017     

                       by  Vic Schermer



5049Podcast Interview, December, 2016( scroll down)
                        by  Jeremiah Cymerman

All About Jazz Interview, July, 2014
                         by  Vic Schermer

Avant Music News, December, 2013
                             by Mike Borella

All About Jazz Interview, May 2010                                            by Gordon Marshall
Roulette Interview, February 2010



Signal To Noise Feature, Spring 2007  

                                 by Ed Hazell                                                     
Downbeat Feature, April 2007                                                       by Alain Druot              

 Jazz Improv Feature, February 2007                                      by Ken Weiss                       (this is an excerpt, the full 5 page interview can be found in the Winter 2007 edition)

All About Jazz NY, September 2004                                    by Sean Patrick Fitzell        
 One Final Note, March 2004                                             
by Jay Collins


PROMOTOTIONAL PHOTOS--300 dpi  jpegs                             INTERVIEWS

NYC, December 2006 [ 500 X 400 pixels] 12K--photo credit, Michael Galinsky


NYC, February 2008, Living Theater [ 2008 X  2083] 600K--photo credit, John Rogers


     Coimbra, Portugal, 2002 [2000 x 1800 pixels] 96K--photo credit, Nuno Martins


NYC,  2002 [ 1875 x 1213 pixels] 188K--photo credit, MP Landis


Brecht Forum, NYC, September 2006 [ 1085 x 1182 pixels] 468K--photo credit, John Rogers


Spirit Room, Rossie, New York, 2000 [ 1530 x 2166 pixels] 204K--photo credit