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                                                                                                                                                                                                                     photo by Michael Hentz


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Date   Artists Admission
Venue (website)
October 5, 2017
Steve Swell's "Leaf Peeping in Poland"
presented by the Interpretations Series
with Jason Hwang, Deanna Relyea
Please see website for prices
The Interpretations Series, Roulette
October 7, 2017
Steve Swell's Soul Travelers
Jemeel Moondoc, Dave Burrell, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver

New Music Circle
St. Louis, MO
October 9-12, 2017
Per Ake Homlander Residency at Alchemia in Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland
October 18, 2017
Trombone Insurgency
Joe McPhee, Dick Griffin, Steve Swell

Edgefest, Ann Arbor, MI
October 21, 2017

Steve Swell's Soul Travelers
Jemeel Moondoc, Dave Burrell, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver

Edgefest, Ann Arbor, MI
October 28, 2017
Trombone Insurgency
Joe McPhee, Dick Griffin, Steve Swell
with special guest Stuart Dempster

Seattle, Washington
Earshot Festival
November 11, 2017
David Haney presents Jazz Stories with Bernard Purdie, Steve Swell, Adam Lane
Please see website (next box) for tickets
Joe's Pub
November 15, 2017
Carl Goldfarb Memorial

Greenwhich House
27 Barrow St., NYC
November 16, 2017
7:30 & 9:30
Embrace:  A Musical Celebration of Friends and Collaborators of The Incredible Honk, Roswell Rudd
Please see website (next box) for ticket prices
Dizzy's Club Coca Cola
December 4, 2017
Mars Williams' Albert Ayler Tribute with Joe McPhee, Steve Swell, Hill Greene, Chris Corsano
The Stone, NYC
December 15, 2017
Steve Swell/William Parker/Michael TA Thompson

Evolving Series at Clemente Soto Velez
February 1-17, 2018
Chicago Plan Tour

Europe (TBD)

February 18-28, 2018
Frode Gjerstad with Steve Swell, Paal NIlssen-Love, Jon Rune Strom

February 18-20 - London, England
February 21 - Schorndorf, Germany
February 22 - Kongsberg, Norway
February 23 - Stavanger, Norway
February 24 - Tonsberg, Norway
February 25 - Tromson/Bergen (?)
February 26 - Trondheim, Norway
February 27 - Oslo, Norway (Blow Out)
Februar 28 - Oslo, Norway ( Nasjonal Jazzscene)
March 2018
Dave Burrell/Steve Swell Canadian Residency

University of Edmonton, NME Festival & Yardbird Suite (TBC)
March 31 - Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, CA
April 13-29, 2018
Gebhard Ullmann's 60th Brithday Basement Research Tour
with Julian Arguilese, Steve Swell, Gerald Cleaver, Pascal Niggenkember

April 13 - Frankfurt, DE (Romanfabrik)
April 14 - Damstadt, DE
April 15 - Krefeld, DE
April 17 - Jena, DE (Wagner)
April 19 - Leer, DE (Kulturspeicher)
April 20 - Neustadt, DE (Birdland)
April 21 - Magdeburg, DE (Festival)
April 22 - Berlin, DE (ZigZag)
April 23 - Berlin, DE (recording)
April 24 - Mannheim, DE (IG Jazz)
April 25 - Hannover, DE (master class)
April 26 - Hannover , DE (Tonhalle)
April 27 - Beyreuth, DE (Jazz Forum)
April 28 - Chur, Swiss (Jazzclub)
September 20-24, 2018
NotTwo 20 Year Anniversary
Krakow, Poland