photo by Fillipe Ghirardello

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     New Solo CD!: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Improviser

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  "Outside Music, Inside Voices: Dialogues on Improvisation and the Spirit of Creative Music" (book) - an exploration of the outer realm of music and the inner voices of creative musicians. Guitarist-composer Garrison Fewell’s book shares musician-to-musician dialogues centered around the ways in which spiritual values inform the lives and art of improvisers. Musicians interviewed include William Parker, Nicole Mithcell, Joe McPhee, Matthew Shipp, Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Swell and many more. Please click here for more information and to purchase a copy.



   The Loneliness of the Long Distance Improviser
      Solo Trombone Improvisations
       (Swell Records SDS 001)

        CD cover photo
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    1.   Sonorifics                                04:50
      2.   Metal of Breath                       02:20
      3.   Percolation Demonstration     03:10
      4.   For Kenneth Patchen             02:57
      5.   Sequences                               02:23
      6.   Keep Your Head Low            03:12
      7.   Bubbling Quantum Novas     03:29
      8.   Off the Slide                          02:02
      9.   Just on the Inside Corner     02:12
    10.  Cogitation                             04:09
    11.  Tension-Attention                 04:42
    12.  Ballet for Trombone             03:45
    13.  For Internal Use Only          04:13
    14.  Tongue Memory                   03:00
    15.  Blue Spirit                             02:51